Fragokastello is in Sfakia, in the south coast of west Crete 13 kilometers east of the Chora Sfakion and west of Plakias.

Fragokastello is a small seaside village with a few houses and enough rooms and apartments for tourists. It is known for the namesake Venetian castle which is saved in a very good condition, the beautiful beaches and the Drosoulites, the ghosts that appear in Fragokastello at dawn every May. However, over the centuries the region showed great monuments, but very few survive today. Many of them were destroyed in wars and in revolutions that took place in the region and the stones from their ruins were used for building the castle.

Fragokastello is in a surprisingly flat small plain, behind which the east White Mountains appear with the gorge and the Kallikrates plateau. This region is one of the many surprises that the nature of Crete offers to its visitors.