The European path of long journeys, starts from Pyrenees mountain, passes across the whole Alpes and through Yugoslavia arrives in Florina, from where the Greek part starts.

It crosses over Greece from where it reaches Gytheio and then mentally Kastelli from where E4 starts in Crete, reaching Zakros where it ends. It gives the opportunity to the walkers to meet the unknown Cretan nature, once it passes from old paths, settlements, monasteries and of course the high mountains of Crete.

The development and the signaling happened with an initiative by the Region of Crete, in collaboration with the communities of the areas E4 crosses, and all the hiking Organizations of Crete.

  • Argiroupoli – Agkousseliana
  • Fragkokastelo – Kato Rodakino
  • Kallikratis - ArgiroupoliAskifou – Imbros – Kallikratis
  • Askifou – Impros – Komitades – Fragkokastelo
  • Katsiveli – Askifou
  • Omalos – Kallergi – Katsiveli
  • Omalos – Agia – Agia Roumeli Sougia – Faragi Agias Eirinis – Omalos
  • Sougia – Koustogerako – Omalos
  • Loutro – Fragkokastelo
  • Agia Roumeli – Loutro
  • Sougia – Agia Roumeli
  • Paleochora - Sougia
  • Chrisoskalitsa – Paleochora
  • Sfinari – Monastery of Chrisoskalitissas
  • Kasteli Kisamou – Sfinari